Earn maximum Interest on your Crypto holdings with ease

Earn passively with crypto without the headache.

App Overview

Step: 01

Explore best interest rates from top crypto funds

Decide from a list of Defi protocols based on their risk score & Interest rate

Step: 02

Invest in diverse crypto funds with a single click

Invest & diversify your crypto portfolio with an eclectic basket of crypto coins earning maximum returns available.

Step: 03

Start earning compound interest within 24 hours

Keep a track of your growing interest rate in 1 place with no lock-in & anytime withdrawals 

Available Assets






Advantages of using Proton

Best Features of Proton

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Everything about the app is great. It provides easy and seamless tracking and transaction of coin. Smoth UI, very easy to use and prompt customer support.
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Investing through Proton is very simple and hassle-free, and most important I have the visibility of intrest amount on real time basis.
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There should have been recurring referral commissions for lifetime. I would refer this app to a lot of people.

Who is Proton for?

DeFi & Crypto bulls

Betting big on Crypto? Learn new low risk avenues ways to earn through De-Fi.

Young Professionals

Looking to increase the ROI of your portfolio? De-Fi holds the best opportunities for you.

Traders & Investors

Looking for low risk ways to start you Crypto journey. Learn how you can take over De-Fi world

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DeFi & Proton Explained

Opportunities in DeFi

Learn how De-Fi is revolutionizing the financial & investment world & how normal investors can start earning returns by investing De-Fi assets & protocols

Stable Vs Alt Coin

Understanding the differences, benefit s& risks associated between stable coin funds, alt coin funds & how to diversify your portfolio in crypto.

How to use Proton?

In this video, Proton's founder, explains the idea behind the birth of the Proton App, why it was created & advantages of investing with Proton.

FREE Workshop with Proton's Founders

Learn about:

  • DeFi Protocols & the Risks associated with it.
  • Proton App, the team behind it, and how it works.
  •  Advantages of investing with Proton & safety measures taken to ensure the security of funds


You also get access to  5 BONUS videos on De-Fi investments.


Proton is your trusted DeFi broker, using our proprietary technology we make investments in different DeFi investments vehicles simple and hassle free

You can start earning interest by investing a minimum of Rs.200/-, though we recommend atleast Rs. 5K to see effective returns.

To earn interest, you have to get your KYC & then buy Stable or Crypto coins listed on the app. To buy coins you can do it through UPI, NEFT, IMPS.

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