Founder's Webinar - Launching Lido Finance & other Updates

For Crypto & DeFi investors

For PROTON App waitlisted users

QnA Session with Founders |  YOUTUBE LIVE on 20th April @ 8 PM 

What will you learn?

What is Lido Finance? How does it work?

Best tips to safely invest in crypto in FY 2022-2023 

Explaining The Security score of Lido Finance

Expert opinion on short term & Long term crypto investment strategies

Speakers: Mohit Jain & Garvit Khatri

Garvit is CTO Of Proton. A DCE graduate, Garvit has worked at Zomato & Adobe in the past 2 years as a Software Engineer. He describes himself, open source enthusiast, & loves contributing to various open-source projects.

Mohit Jain is the CEO & Co-Founder at PROTON. Another DCE grad & builder at heart, Mohit was the founder of RocketSkills, an agri ed tech platform which you sold & switched to building a Web3 platform in 2022. 

Who is this for?

De-Fi & Crypto Bulls

Betting big on Crypto? Learn new low risk avenues ways to earn through De-Fi.

Young working Explorers

Looking to increase the ROI of your portfolio? De-Fi holds the best opportunities for you.

Traders & Investors

Looking for low risk ways to start you Crypto journey. Learn how you can take over De-Fi world

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Learn the basics of De-Fi

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1. Future Growth Opportunities

Learn what are the different De-Fi avenues - like lending, staking & liquidity pools through which users can earn massive interest on your crypto holdings.

2. Understanding De-Fi

Understanding what exactly decentralized finance is & how it is different from traditional finance. Learn what are the various ways in which an investor can earn from De-Fi platforms & protocols.

3. Lending & Borrowing in De-Fi?

Understand how lending works in crypto and how you can earn interest through safe lending & borrowing platforms like aave and compound.

9th April 2022 at 7 PM

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